Yew WoodShop

Custom woodworking studio

Our studio is shared by small businesses who focus on wood design and production, as well as supply of BC wood products. Find out more about each business. 



The Yew WoodShop is a shared woodworking studio run by its members, many of whom met in university at Emily Carr in the Industrial Design program. Within the space, separate businesses work alongside one another in order to share ideas, experience and the shop facilities. Specializing in using reclaimed and predominantly local materials, the Yew WoodShop takes on a diverse range of projects that include (but are not limited to) wood product development, furniture production, art and sculpture, retail displays/signage and other custom solid wood products for the built environment.  



OGA Design Inc. - Danielle and Logan Gilday 

What they do: OGA Design Inc. manages the space and provides a build-&-supply service for an array of solid wood products. They also supply reclaimed wood and live edge slabs.

Instagram: @ogadesigns

Daly Company - Patrick Christie 

What they do: Daly Company is a wood product design, development and consulting company.


Willow & Stump - Kalyca Ryan and Bram Sawatsky @Willowandstump

What they do: Willow & Stump builds unique and contemporary wood-based products specializing in highly functional items for small living spaces.  


Benjamin McLaughlin Art - Benjamin McLaughlin

What he does: Benjamin builds contemporary inspired wood "tongue" drums, live-edge tables and other custom commissioned works. He is currently represented at Mountain Galleries in Whistler, Jasper and Banff. 


Skyn / Boon - Justin Davis

What he does: Justin is a fine wood-worker and craftsmen whose projects include a wide array of items, from grand sideboards to small bespoke boxes. His work is a mix of traditional practices and modern functionality.  


Sacred Light Design Co. - Ari Lazer

What he does: Ari uses laser etching to transform his designs into 3-dimensional works of art.  His works, which all embody the presence of sacred geometry include pieces such as hanging lights, moving walls, kinetic sculpture.



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